The Truth About Lies - And Lies About Truth

The Truth About Lies - And Lies About Truth

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A Fresh New Look at the Cunning of Evil and the Means for Our Transformation

This book takes an in-depth look at one of the most powerful and highly accessible approaches available to us for healing our minds from the distorted ways we picked up from this world. In Truth About Lies you will learn:

  • Why trying to live up to a moral standard never works.
  • Why being more committed will not help.
  • Why Christian education by itself cannot produce lasting change.
  • How truth changes lives and why we miss it.
  • How to engage with truth in ways that transform our mind.


“I’ve been waiting for someone to approach spiritual formation, recovery and inner healing in an integrated way. This is it!”

– Jan Johnson, retreat speaker and author of Invitation to the Jesus Life