Forming 9-DVD Set

Forming 9-DVD Set

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Forming 9-DVD Set for Facilitators

Contains complete instructions for classes and facilitators! 

Disk One: Facilitator Welcome, Orientation, Spiritual Practices and Troubleshooting
Disk Two: Group Discussions for Facilitators 
Disk Three: Hearing God for Facilitators 
Disk Four: Lessons One and Two + Facilitator Intro 
Disk Five: Lessons Three and Four + Facilitator Intro 
Disk Six: Lessons Five and Six + Facilitator Intro 
Disk Seven: Lessons Seven and Eight + Facilitator Intro
Disk Eight: Lessons Nine and Ten + Facilitator Intro 
Disk Nine: Lessons Eleven and Twelve + Facilitator Intro

Copyright © 2012
*These videos are in perfect working condition and include the same content and quality as the new Forming USB, however, they are packaged in older cases and may arrive with cracks or broken pieces. We will not be replacing the cases.

Previously packaged for licensed facilitators, but they may NOW be used without a license.