Copernicus 2.0

Copernicus 2.0

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1600 years ago, the Western Church fell captive to a legal worldview from which it has never recovered. Nothing less than a Copernican-style Revolution will liberate us from this distorted view of reality and return us to the good news first preached by the apostles.

Nearly every aspect of our practical theology has been altered or dismantled by a judicial framework that distorts our perceptions and derails our efforts to rediscover the life portrayed in Scripture. Piece by piece, Copernicus 2.0 unmasks the extensive damage brought about by this tragic deception and recasts for us the amazing vision of God's love and rescue operation that originally took the world by storm.

One of the most important books you will ever read, Copernicus 2.0 lifts the veil on the spiritual coup that has disabled the Church now for over fifteen centuries.

The time has come for a New Reformation. 

David Takle (author) aims to help Christians escape the treadmill of performance-based Christianity and develop a genuine relationship with God that will change everything about their spiritual life. David earned his Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Seminary with a concentration in spiritual formation. He has authored several books on how to engage with God to experience healing and transformation.