Rita #3: Jesus Is Better Than Candy (LMS #18)

Rita #3: Jesus Is Better Than Candy (LMS #18)

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In this session, Rita initially focuses on recent events in which she felt excluded. Jesus guides her to childhood memories of painful rejection – memories in which she turned to sweets for comfort.

Her upset about recent events and her pattern of turning to sweets for comfort resolve as Jesus heals the underlying memories. (Session length: 73 minutes).

  • Immanuel approach
  • Basic principles and process
  • Low intensity

In this 2008 session, Rita starts with recalling especially positive experiences with the Lord, deliberately appreciating these, and re-establishing a living, interactive connection with Jesus in the present.

Rita then talks about recent events in which she felt excluded; and since she has already re-established an interactive connection with Jesus, Dr. Lehman coaches her to focus on Him and ask Him to guide/move the session forward.

She then goes to childhood memories in which she felt painful rejection similar to that experienced in the recent triggering events, and especially to a specific memory where she was turning to candy for comfort.

Rita invites the Lord to be with her in these childhood experiences, and she receives healing as she interacts with Jesus in the context of these memories.

Finally, during the five months following the session Rita observes a number of deep and lasting changes, including that the initial trigger no longer bothers her, that her relationship with "sweets" has changed, and that her weight is now resting ten pounds lighter than her previous baseline. This faith-building session illustrates the principles, techniques, and process described in our teaching about the Immanuel approach.