Rita #2: Resolution of Bitterness Towards Mother (LMS #14)

Rita #2: Resolution of Bitterness Towards Mother (LMS #14)

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In this session, Rita describes a childhood memory with her step-mother that includes classic pain from lack of attunement, and she then also describes the very common phenomenon of using anger/bitterness as a kind of psychological defense.

We use "Immanuel interventions" to help her perceive Jesus' presence in the memory, and He then helps her to the resolve both the bitterness and the lingering pain. (Session length: 63 minutes)

  • Immanuel approach
  • Intermediate principles and process
  • Low intensity

Once Rita is able to perceive and connect with Jesus, He helps her to resolve her bitterness towards her step-mother and then also resolves the lingering pain in the memory.

Follow-up interviews at one month and 18 months demonstrate deep and lasting benefits, verifying that permanent healing had indeed been accomplished.