Rita #1: Advanced Immanuel Intervention (LMS #26)

Rita #1: Advanced Immanuel Intervention (LMS #26)

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In the first part of this session, we figure out that internal child parts are deliberately blocking Rita from being able to perceive the Lord's presence.

Immanuel troubleshooting eventually helps these child parts to allow Jesus' tangible presence, and once they experience Him directly they quickly choose to cooperate fully.

The remainder of the session consists of Rita repeatedly asking Jesus for guidance and help, and Jesus leading the work of resolving unfinished processing tasks. (Session length: 45 minutes).

  • Immanuel approach
  • Both basic and advanced principles and process
  • Low intensity

Dr. Karl Lehman then helps these child parts to identify and clarify their fears, and negotiate with them to find conditions that feel safe for allowing Jesus to be present. Once these internal child parts allow Jesus' tangible presence and experience Him directly, they quickly choose to cooperate with Him.

Ten months after the session, Rita can still perceive God's presence in the memories we worked with, and she reports being less triggered, less guarded, more loving, and more able to hear and respond to the Holy Spirit.