Renae: Healing Helps Parenting (LMS #17)

Renae: Healing Helps Parenting (LMS #17)

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In this session, Renae asks for help regarding angry outbursts towards her son. Jesus guides Renae to memories of her father's anger towards her and heals the unresolved trauma there. (Session length: 92 minutes).

  • Immanuel approach
  • Intermediate principles and process
  • Moderate intensity

During these episodes she finds herself communicating anger, contempt, and disgust, and she is very concerned about the possible harmful effects of these outbursts.

After preparing the way by deliberately appreciating past experiences with the Lord, Renae asks Him to refresh her connection with Him in the present; and after a living interactive connection is established, she focuses on Him and asks for guidance.

Jesus then takes her to memories where her father responded to her in the same way she is now responding to her son. Throughout the rest of the session, Dr. Lehman coaches Renae to engage directly with Jesus at every point, and she has beautiful interactions with Him and receives important healing.

Finally, during the five months following the session Renae observes dramatic, lasting improvement regarding her angry outbursts. This faith-building session illustrates the principles, techniques, and processes described in our teaching about the Immanuel approach.