Maggie: More Than Healing (LMS #11)

Maggie: More Than Healing (LMS #11)

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Maggie begins this session with memories in which she had already received healing, but in which her perception of Jesus had been very subtle. We then use "Immanuel Interventions" to help her experience a more tangible and intimate connection with Jesus.

Along the way, Maggie also receives healing for "splinters" that had not been resolved during the earlier sessions. (Session length:96 minutes).

  • Immanuel approach
  • Basic principles and process
  • Low intensity

This session is about going deeper with Jesus. The primary objective is not so much to resolve traumatic memories as to find especially effective pathways for connecting with Jesus.

 At the two-month follow-up interview Maggie reports fruit from the healing, and also describes poignant experiences of connecting with Jesus when she repeated Immanuel Interventions with these same childhood memories during personal devotional time.