Maggie #3: Labor & Delivery Trauma (LMS #19)

Maggie #3: Labor & Delivery Trauma (LMS #19)

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In this session, Maggie works on anger towards her husband and the Lord, and the feeling that a certain client situation is unbearable.

Her initial anger and sense of unbearable burden resolve as Jesus heals underlying traumatic memories from her first labor and delivery. (Session length: 72 minutes).

  • Immanuel approach
  • Basic principles and process
  • Low intensity

After Maggie identifies the tentative target for this 2009 session, Dr. Lehman coaches her to focus on a positive experience from her past with Jesus, and in the context of this positive memory she refreshes her perception of His presence and reestablishes a living, interactive connection with Him in the present.

She then engages directly with Jesus regarding the thoughts and emotions associated with her difficult client situation. As she engages directly with Jesus He leads her to unresolved memories from the traumatic labor and delivery of her first child; and, "coincidentally," these memories contain the same negative thoughts and emotions that felt true in her interactions with her client, her husband, and the Lord.

As she continues to engage directly with Jesus He helps her to resolve these traumatic memories, and we then observe that her anger towards her husband and the Lord, and her sense of unbearable burden regarding her client have also resolved.

Finally, Maggie's report at the six month follow-up interview indicates that these positive changes have remained.