Maggie #2: ‘If I leave, she could die…' (LMS #12)

Maggie #2: ‘If I leave, she could die…' (LMS #12)

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In this session, Maggie works on fear, uncertainty, and confusion about a very tough judgment call she was forced to make regarding ministry with one of her clients.

Jesus beautifully mentors Maggie with respect to the recent situation with her client, and then also brings forward and resolves a traumatic childhood memory with thoughts and emotions that exactly match her recent client situation. (Session length: 58 minutes)

  • Immanuel approach
  • basic principles and process
  • low intensity

After identifying the target, Dr. Lehman coaches Maggie to focus on a memory of a past positive experience with Jesus, and in the context of this positive memory helps her to refresh her perception of His presence and to establish a living, interactive connection with Him in the present.

She then engages directly with Jesus regarding the recent difficult clinical situation and her corresponding fear, uncertainty, and confusion. 

Finally, Maggie's report at the five-month follow-up interview indicates lasting fruit regarding the issues addressed in the session (the initial fear, uncertainty, and confusion remain resolved). This faith-building session illustrates the principles, techniques, and processes described in our teaching about the Immanuel approach.