Lisa: Childhood Surgery, Panic Attacks, & Abreaction (LMS #5)

Lisa: Childhood Surgery, Panic Attacks, & Abreaction (LMS #5)

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Lisa initially focuses on panic attacks she was experiencing as she anticipated the surgery scheduled for the next day. She then receives powerful healing as Jesus helps her work through underlying traumatic childhood memories. The day after this session, as she waited for eight hours in pre-op before her surgery, she was completely calm and sensing the Lord's presence instead of having panic attacks. (Session length: 69 minutes).

  • Immanuel approach
  • Basic principles and process
  • Low intensity

Lisa initially focuses on the panic attacks she had been experiencing as she anticipated having surgery (scheduled for the day after the session), and this leads to memories of a childhood surgery carrying the same thoughts and emotions as she had with her panic attacks.

Lisa experiences a moderately intense abreaction (intense emotional release during recall and processing of traumatic memory) as she reconnects with the memories, and then Jesus helps her work through the trauma to accomplish healing.

In the two-month follow-up interview, Lisa describes how this session resolved her surgery-related panic attacks.