Immanuel Approach Basic Training

Immanuel Approach Basic Training

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This new set of training videos presents a condensed version of Dr. Lehman’s Immanuel Approach Basic Training Seminar.

Dr. Karl explains the theory underlying each component of the Immanuel Approach process, and then Dr. Karl and Pastor Charlotte demonstrate each of these components.

Finally, in training segments ten and eleven, Dr. Karl and Pastor Charlotte demonstrate two variations of the full process. Furthermore, viewers can then use the exercise handouts from the Immanuel Approach website to practice each of the components, and the full process.

This 10 DVD series includes:
  • Eighteen Short Lectures
  • Sixteen Live Ministry Demonstrations
  • Ten Practice Exercises 
  • Answers to 50 Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view the introduction segment for this series of training videos.


"InterVarsity-Christian Fellowship has been using these training videos for the last year and a half, with excellent results. The teaching segments, demonstrations and practice exercises are flexible, well thought through and a great way to train people in Immanuel Prayer. Our plan is to use these videos to train staff for the upcoming Urbana conference and for years to come." - Peter Horn, Senior Area Director with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Prayer Coordinator for InterVarsity Urbana conference. 


Karl D. Lehman, M.D. is a Board-certified psychiatrist and author of Outsmarting Yourself and The Immanuel Approach. He has been integrating his medical and scientific knowledge with Spirit-filled healing ministry for the past several decades. 

Charlotte E.T. Lehman, M. DIV. is a pastoral counselor and lead pastor of Reba Place Church.