Ian: I’m not enough (LMS #24)

Ian: I’m not enough (LMS #24)

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In this session, Jesus guides Ian to painful childhood memories that are the source of his insecurities regarding his ability to use the Immanuel approach.

Brief troubleshooting is required, but then Ian experiences Jesus in the memory and receives beautiful healing. (Session length: 67 minutes).

  • Immanuel approach
  • Basic principles and process
  • Low intensity

Ian starts with recalling and appreciating a memory of connecting with Jesus in the context of a special worship service, and in this context reestablishes a living, interactive connection with Jesus.

Jesus then directs him to focus on doubts/insecurities he had been struggling with regarding his ability to use the Immanuel approach in his own professional work. After asking for more guidance, Ian goes to a six-year-old memory in which his father is hovering over him with a stern, critical expression as Ian works on a homework assignment.

Some brief, simple troubleshooting is required before Ian experiences Jesus in the memory, and Jesus then initiates several beautiful healing interactions, including putting His arm around Ian's shoulders, reassuring him, and correcting his distorted conclusions regarding the meaning of the experience.

Four months later Ian reports that the negative thoughts and emotions addressed in the session are no longer bothering him (even in situations that previously would have been intensely triggering), and he has also experienced increased compassion for his father.