Grace: Childhood Abuse Memory (LMS #4)

Grace: Childhood Abuse Memory (LMS #4)

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Grace remembers an incident of sexual abuse that she had never before been able to access consciously, and then experiences healing as she interacts with Jesus in the context of these memories. (Session length: 107 minutes)

  • Theophostic, Immanuel approach pieces
  • Intermediate to advanced principles and process
  • High intensity

At the one-month and three-month follow-up interviews, Grace discusses the new sense of strength and clarity she has felt in facing several crisis situations since the session – situations in which she previously would have felt powerless and confused.

Grace also reports that she spontaneously began to have both compassion for and positive memories about the perpetrator, whereas in the past she could only remember the negative events with this person, and had only intensely negative thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, she describes the dramatic improvement in long-standing narcolepsy.