Dawn: Disarming the Lure of Affirmation (LMS #16)

Dawn: Disarming the Lure of Affirmation (LMS #16)

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In this session, Jesus helps Dawn identify and resolve a childhood memory that had been the source of an unhealthy attraction she had always felt towards affirmation and recognition. (Session length: 50 minutes).

  • Immanuel approach
  • Basic to Intermediate principles and process
  • Low intensity 

Dawn expresses concern that affirmation and recognition have power for her that feels unhealthy in some way. The Lord leads her to a key memory contributing to the unhealthy energy, and she makes the basic Immanuel intervention invitation and request: "Lord, I make a heart invitation for You to be with me in this place, help me to perceive Your presence."

However, she is not initially able to perceive the Lord's presence. We use Immanuel intervention troubleshooting to identify and resolve the blockages, she becomes able to perceive the Lord's presence, and the unhealthy lure of affirmation/recognition appears to resolve as she engages directly with Jesus in the context of the memory.

Finally, Dawn's observations during the twelve months following the session indicate that this apparent resolution was indeed a deep and lasting change.