Chrystal: Loss of Father (LMS #2)

Chrystal: Loss of Father (LMS #2)

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Chrystal takes the next steps in her healing journey, working with the Lord to address various psychological defenses that had been in the way and then receiving more deep healing.

During the month following the session, Chrystal observes several additional positive changes. (Session length: 106 minutes)

  • Theophostic, Immanuel approach pieces
  • Intermediate to advanced principles and process
  • Low to moderate intensity

This 2003 session shows the next steps in Chrystal's healing journey, taking place three and a half months following the work recorded in "Chrystal: Loss of Father Before Birth, Session #1."

Various self-protective patterns (psychological defenses) initially get in the way, but the Lord gently helps Chrystal surrender/dismantle these so that she is able to receive more deep healing. At the follow-up interview one month later, Chrystal describes several additional positive changes she has observed after this second session.