Transformation by Design: How God Changes Lives

Transformation by Design: How God Changes Lives

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God never intended for us to act more like Jesus. His goal is to transform us from the inside out to become more like Jesus!

Sadly, much of the Christian world has lost sight of transformation as an on-going reality in the lives of believers. Instead, we are admonished over and over to try harder to live up to the standards we see in the New Testament. But anyone who has tried this for very long has probably watched their growth grind down to a halt. They may even dismiss transformation as purely visionary.

The truth is:

  • Transformation is highly accessible.
  • Transformation can be fostered intentionally.
  • God has given us multiple points of intervention.
  • Life-long growth and change are really possible.


We need to learn how to engage with God so He can do in us what we cannot do for ourselves. In Transformation by Design you will learn about:

  • Six Primary Causes of transformation.
  • Four Essential Aspects of participating in the process.
  • Four Major Contexts needed to foster transformation.


Even though this book is only 135 pages, it is one of the most comprehensive theologies of transformation you will ever read!